Asset Tracking

Solutions for Increasing Your Bottom Line

Cellocator’s asset tracking product portfolio can greatly increase an enterprise’s productivity and bottom-line. This increase is largely down to Cellocator’s enhancements to the often-difficult task of successfully tracking and remotely managing the location, usage profile and security aspects of transportation equipment (such as trailers, containers, train wagons) or valuable mobile and fixed assets (such as electricity generators, heavy machinery, chemical toilets and waste containers).

Asset Product Matrix

ApplicationCelloTrackCelloTrack NanoCelloTrack 10yCelloTrack SolarMultiSenseCelloSense
Cargo Tracking   
Trailer Management
Container Security  
Construction & Heavy Equipment   
Utilities & Rented Assets   
Cold Chain (CelloTrack 4G)   
Controlled Shipments (2G/3G with Wired Temperature Sensor)