Providing information on the precise location and condition of the goods at any leg of the shipment, whether that’s at the warehouse, or during shipment (marine, airborne, inland), including crucial alerts when a pre-defined geofence is breached, or when the shipment conditions exceed set environmental thresholds.

Maintaining supply-chain quality-control is a challenging but essential task for every company with logistic operations. Getting it right helps reduce operational costs and improves satisfaction along all parts of the supply chain.

Many logistics companies need to verify that the required conditions for high-value goods – such as pharmaceuticals, perishable good or even consumer electronics – are kept according to the defined specifications, both while in the warehouse and when shipped from manufacturer sites or distribution centers to the point of delivery. In some cases, they must also comply with specific regulatory or insurance requirements.

Our Logistics Solution

Cellocator offers solutions that solve these day-to-day supply chain management challenges, using a wireless monitoring system that provides real-time monitoring capabilities. These capabilities include the monitoring of the goods’ location, their correct handling and delivery, and adherence to specific transport condition requirements.

How it Works

The CelloTrack Nano provides real-time alerts if the goods are mishandled – for example, if they are unloaded at the wrong address, deviate from the planned route, or are opened unexpectedly. Continuous recording and event-triggered logic performed by the CelloTrack Nano helps improve efficiency by reducing supply chain mistakes, avoiding delays or damages, increasing information transparency, and potentially reducing insurance expenses.

Moreover, the CelloTrack Nano can prevent theft, losses or misplacements by using proximity location and tampering alerts throughout the entire supply chain.

When an airborne shipment is part of the route, all data is logged by the CelloTrack Nano and is transmitted upon landing.

The CelloTrack Nano enables quality control along the entire supply chain, from factory to delivery with the following main features:

  • Location of wireless sensors can be instantly changed according to operational needs
  • Easily modified sampling intervals, sensor thresholds and alarm settings
  • Programmable geo-fences
  • Activation of one or multiple sensors based on the application
  • Cross-platform display and a “Mobile-First” approach
  • Generates a wide range of reports to provide supply chain insights to help improve processes


Cellocator also partners with 3PL/4PL (3rd and 4th Party Logistics) companies to provide them with real-time cargo visibility and condition monitoring, including analytics, history information and instant report generation capabilities. All the information, or any portion of it, can be easily shared with 3PL/4PL customers and shipment recipients via multiple platforms such as mobile, tablet or the Web.

Mission critical departments can now concentrate on preventing shipment errors instead of handling crises after they happen. Using advanced alarms and alert features, alerts can be sent to the relevant person in the logistics chain, according to the cargo location and condition in the field. Cellocator’s solutions can be used at sea, in the air, or for transportation overland.

Bottom Line

Real-time monitoring of the location and condition of goods in the supply chain, including specific alerts related to issues and delays, leads to an optimized supply chain and improved profitability. Cellocator makes this possible by enabling you to monitor, identify, analyze and respond using the CelloTrack Nano and MultiSense devices.