Cost-Effective Fleet and Security Management Solution

The Cellocator CR300B is Cellocator’s entry-level unit for fleetcr-300
management and vehicle security applications, available in 2G / 3G (EU, NA) variants.
The CR300B is equipped with a rechargeable backup battery (1000mAh) and GSM jamming detection algorithms for improved compliance with vehicle security applications. In addition, it is compatible with a variety of accessories which enable a wide range of applications such as fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, identification and more.


  • 2G/3G (NA, EU) variants.
  • SIM holder - two alternatives: Regular SIM or SIM-On-Chip ready layout.
  • Backup battery with extended capacity of 1000mAh.
  •  IOs:


2 digital inputs

2 programmable I/Os (digital/analog/frequency counter)

Serial (TTL level)

1-wire input – Dallas port (Driver-ID/Trailer ID and for 1 temperature external sensor)

  • Built-in motion sensor for movement & towing detection.
  • Advanced capabilities including:

Crash detection

Jamming detection

Up to 100 Geo-Fences

Cell-ID 2G/3G

In cabin speed alert (activation of one output if speed limit is exceeded)

Up to 100 Roaming list

Usage / frequency counters

Curve smoothing

Gradual immobilizing as one of the outputs

Basic Satellite activation

  • PointerCept ready – a solution combining Hybrid RF variants in addition to cellular communication.
  • Cellocator+™ maintenance server support.

Use Cases:

Fuel Solution
Online monitoring of fuel consumption – using the CR-300B device and fuel solution accessories (fuel probe sensor, fuel level sensor and fuel cap protector) – including the level, the volume, time and location of refueling and draining, helps reduce fuel usage and prevent fuel theft.

Cold Chain
Assures the required temperature is maintained during shipments of perishable goods or pharmaceuticals, using the 1-wire temperature sensor which connects to the CR-300B device. Fleet owners/managers can receive real-time updates of any breaches of pre defined thresholds and take action to guarantee compliance with cold chain shipment requirements.

Driver Identification
The driver ID of CR-300B in conjunction with the deriver ID accessories (Dallas Keys, Keypad and Proximity Reader among others) can be used for vehicle immobilizations and driver-recognition in security and fleet services applications.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR)
Provides advanced security with jamming detection and reaction to ensure stolen vehicle recovery (SVR). The CR-300B unit recognizes jamming attempts and reacts according to the selected method of reaction, for example disabling the engine or activating an output e.g. tuning lights on/off with horn.

Motorcycles & Scooters Protection
The CR-300 device is an ideal solution to protect motorcycles or scooters, thanks to its movement detection capabilities, compact size and easy installation. The device provides security and location alerts and can be configured to full hibernation mode to enable low battery consumption to prevent battery drainage. In this mode the device will start operating according to a predefined time or event (for example if its internal accelerometer is activated). The device IP rating can be upgraded from IP40 to IP65 using the CR protector.

Download the CR-300 Brochure

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