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Fleet Management

Solutions for Optimized Driver and Vehicle Performance

Cellocator offers feature-rich hardware & software solutions for Fleet management – in addition to car and driver safety – to meet the unique business and operational requirements of a wide range of applications. All solutions are designed to improve fleet safety and reduce fleet operation costs.

Our fleet-focused product portfolio addresses all your fleet related operational or business needs. From basic track & trace, through improved driver behavior, to remote vehicle diagnostics, we’ve got you covered.

Our solutions ensure you can accurately track the heartbeat of all fleet operations, and react in real-time to any changes or exceptions. In addition, you can manage and improve the performance of your fleet by educating drivers to improve their driving, and by using remote vehicle diagnostics improve vehicle performance. As a result, you can dramatically improve your control of the fleet drivers and conditions, reduce costs and increase safety by realizing continuous improvements to your fleet.

Fleet Product Matrix

Fuel Efficiency   
Driver Safety   (IQ40/IQ50)
Controlled Shipments (External Sensor) (WSN & External Sensor) (WSN & External Sensor)
Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)  
Car Sharing   
Hours of Service (HoS) & ELD/DTCO  * *
Vehicle Diagnostics   
Electric Vehicles