QaniQIntelligent Fleet Management,
Driver Behavior & Diagnostics Solution

Intelligence is all about processing multi-source data to achieve effective results. This is the Cello-CANiQ in a nutshell.
With the advanced multi-source data analytics delivered by the Cello-CANiQ, your business intelligence is reinforced and operating costs are reduced, largely due to lower fuel consumption, reduced warranty expenses, improved driving habits, and optimized maintenance processes. The Cello-CANiQ is a fleet management solution, utilizing a smart algorithm to combine data from various vehicle environment interfaces. These interfaces include standard CANBUS and OBD, driver identification, serial communication with third party devices, discrete, analog and frequency measurement ports, voice channel, and others. All of which are designed and configured for maximum flexibility with CAN data aggregation, filtering, processing and event triggering.

The Cello-CANiQ is available in two feature packages which both include the CAN interface:
• Cello-CANiQ 30 - Fleet management solution with
various interfaces (I/Os), security capabilities
and basic driver behavior (GPS-based).
• Cello-CANiQ 50 - All Cello-CANiQ 30 features in addition
to advanced driver behavior capabilities, including
accident event logging, recording and reconstruction.

Real-Time and On-Board Triggering Logic

The Cello-CANiQ filters real-time data based on the vehicle’s sensors and data received from the Cello-CANiQ unit, triggers logic based on the rules defined via the CAN Editor, and, as a result, generates events which are sent to the back-end and/or operate its I/Os.



  • Direct connectivity and data analytics for the vast majority of vehicle data buses and interfaces, enabling a wide range of applications driven by the vehicle CANBUS data. Supports the following standards:

OBDII (ISO 15765, ISO 14229)
CAN2.0 (ISO 11898, J1939, FMS)

  • Supports the following hardware platforms:

2G/3G (EU, NA)
Advanced multi-GNSS (GPS + GLONASS) with cutoff/short-circuit detection

Multi-purpose 1-wire (Dallas port)

Digital Tachograph (DTCO): D8 serial data output info link in addition to remote company card authentication.

Interface with the Bluetooth Extender accessory – supporting Bluetooth classic
communication with ELD devices and BLE communication with the MultiSense devices.

  • Variety of embedded algorithms for calculating total fuel consumption in a trip, based on different available CAN parameters, leading to increased ROI realization.
  • Flexible ‘Drag & Drop’ CAN Editor GUI to configure vehicle-data collection and manage real-time and on-board powerful logic engine.
  • DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) reporting logic over supported CANBUS protocol.
  • Flexible and configurable maneuver and trip scoring logic. Includes on-board ECO and safety scores trip calculation, and online & real-time driver feedback display.
  • Professional Services (CAN libraries) - Cellocator offers complementary vehicle libraries, which include vehicle models and parameters sampled by our field engineering team. The libraries are updated and published on a monthly basis. Cellocator’s professional services also include the configuration of the device’s data collection and triggering logic according to your defined use case and for quick time to market.
  • Ability to upgrade from the Cello-CANiQ 30 feature package to the Cello-CANiQ 50.

Use Cases:

  • Fuel Management
  • Fleet Efficiency
  • Fleet and Driver Safety
  • Proactive Vehicle Maintenance & Remote Diagnostics

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