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Controlled Shipments

Assuring the required environmental conditions are maintained during shipments of perishable, pharmaceutical or high value goods is another huge responsibility for the fleet manager or logistics manager.

Transporting goods of any sort is a complicated matter. When dealing with perishables, pharmaceutical or high value goods, it becomes an even more complex issue, with safety, security and environmental conditions having to be taken into consideration.

Some controlled shipments require strict adherence to the maintaining of temperature and humidity thresholds for each delivery. Not doing so, or not having the ability to prove that you’ve done so, can disqualify valuable shipments and leave you with disgruntled customers, damaged goods and in breach of service level agreements.

Our Controlled Shipment Solution

Maintaining required environmental conditions means measuring the temperature, relative humidity and light during shipment, and reporting either periodically or when certain events or milestones are reached.

Cellocator enables the effective real-time monitoring of vehicles, drivers and cargo by providing the full spectrum of functionality to manage your fleet and assets. Cellocator’s devices monitor cargo conditions: you can monitor single or multi-compartment refrigerated trailers up to single pallets, with options for audible in-cab alarms, and track events sent to the control room, reporting deviations in pre-defined humidity or temperature thresholds.

The Cellocator Devices’ Main Features Include

End-to-End Monitoring Capabilities — including the vehicles’ location, destination arrival times, confirmation of correct delivery, adherence to specific transport condition requirements, the proper handling of goods (using an impact sensor), and more.

Verify Location and Scheduling — using positioning data that enables the management of all activities, including arrival and departure times, and the duration of events, such as planned stop times and irregular or un-planned stops.

Control Container/Cargo Access — ensures the container/cargo is only accessed in authorized locations using the Cellocator Container Lock solution or by using a MultiSense device to detect the opening of doors, especially in containers/trailers.

Ensure Driver Safety — driver feedback tools ensure compliance with the most rigorous global regulations, enhancing driver and vehicle safety and enabling you to activate real-time training when necessary.

Increased Control — enables the locking-out of unauthorized drivers, including those not trained to transport certain cargos, and thieves trying to gain control of the vehicle and its cargo.

Effective Security – receive alerts in case of a stolen vehicle in order to initiate a stolen vehicle recovery process to return vehicles with goods.

Environmentally Controlled Conditions – ensures the control of temperature, humidity, and light conditions.

Real-Time Alerts – configures sensors with pre-defined thresholds, according to shipment requirements.

Bottom Line

Tracking and monitoring the condition of valuable cargo is required along the cargo’s journey, from the point of origin to the point of
delivery. CelloTrack’s units can be covertly installed inside the container, allowing the continuous tracking of the cargo and providing logistic
and inventory information including alerts when there is a deviation from the route or pre-defined condition.