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A Wide Array of Devices Created by Experts for Professionals
Cellocator Product portfolio includes a wide range of devices for Telematics and IoT, that can be used by service providers and integrators to provide sophisticated, cost-effective and reliable solutions for fleet management, vehicle security, driver behavior, fuel saving, asset & cargo tracking, transport & logistics, construction, lease & rental cars, public security, and more. Our experts specialize in developing and manufacturing products suiting the operational and business needs of professionals with product lines and production processes that adhere to the strictest quality standards.

CAN Contactless Adapter

Low-Cost, Non-Intrusive, Non-Galvanic Interface with the Vehicle CANBUS

The CAN Contactless Adapter provides a non-intrusive, non-galvanic interface with the vehicle CAN Bus.

BT Extender

Short Range, 2.4 GHz RF Communication Adapter

A Bluetooth dual mode converter to RS232, supporting the wireless communication channels between the Cello-IQ device and other devices with BT/BLE capabilities.


A Real-Time Driver Feedback Display

Real-time driver feedback display providing continuous real-time coaching via visual and/or audible feedback to the drivers, indicating the risk level of their driving to increase safety and ensure ECO driving.

Cellocator Handsfree

Cellocator Handsfree

Voice Capabilities & Features for the Cello Family Units

The Cellocator Handsfree Kit provides the hardware components that enable the voice capabilities and features of the Cello family units.


Cellocator Communication & Functionality Expander

Cellocator CFE is an extension device that can be connected to the RS232 serial port of the Cello unit in order to increase the number of available inputs, outputs and serial communication ports.

Proximity Reader

1-wire Proximity Reader

External Wireless Front-End for the Cellocator Unit

With a thin and compact enclosure, the 1-wire Proximity Reader serves as an external wireless front-end for the Cellocator unit, providing a wireless driver ID solution with support for proximity cards or tags.


Cellocator Keypad

Driver ID Input

The keypad is used for driver authentication and vehicle immobilizer. The driver enters their driver ID using the keyboard, which transmits the ID to the Dallas input of the Cellocator unit.

Dallas Kit (Reader & Keys)

Coded Keys for Driver Identification & Vehicle Immobilization

Dallas Keys are coded keys used for driver identification and immobilization, which are read via the Dallas reader, and which are connected to the 1-wire interface of the Cellocator unit. Additional keys enable multiple drivers.

Dallas Reader

Dallas Reader with LED & Push Button

Driver Identification and Driver Status Reports

This device contains a Dallas reader, a push button and a LED and provides driver identification and driver status reports on special events, such as business or private usage of a vehicle.

The Dallas reader is used for the Driver ID report, the push button is used for special event reports, and the LED is used as a status indicator controlled by the Cellocator unit.

Trailer ID

Trailer ID

Monitoring Trailers’ Location and Connectivity

The Trailer ID is a compact device for monitoring a trailer’s location and connectivity. Fleet managers can easily monitor which trailer is connected to which vehicle within the fleet, or whether a trailer is even connected.

1-Wire Temperature Sensor

Connects to the 1-Wire Port of the Cellocator Unit

The 1-wire Temperature Sensor can be connected to the 1-wire port of the Cellocator unit to provide a low-cost, easy to install solution for the cold chain transportation market. Operating temperature range: -55°C to +125°C.

Analog Temperature Sensor

Analog Temperature Sensor

Connects to the Analog Input Port of the Cellocator Unit

The Analog Temperature Sensor is available in 5m and 20m lengths and connects to the analog input of the Cellocator unit. Temperature range: -40ºC to +75ºC.

Fuel Cap Protector

Fuel Cap Protector

Decreasing Fuel Theft Possibilities

The Fuel Cap Protector decreases the possibility of fuel theft by disabling access to the fuel tank when closed, and reporting on fuel cap openings via the unit’s digital input.

Cellocator Concrete Mixer Sensor

Increases Concrete Mixer Efficiency

The Concrete Mixer Sensor provides a smart solution for the construction vertical market. Using this accessory increases concrete mixer efficiency, while ensuring high standard cement delivery and the reducing of costs by detecting fraud.

Cello & CR Family Protector

Improved Protection for Cello and CR Devices

The Cello and CR Family Protectors are silicone/ rubber covers for Cello and CR devices, designed to improve the protection of devices (Cello family from IP40 to IP66 and CR from IP40 to IP65).

External Power Surge Suppressor

Protection Against Exceptional Electrical Disturbances

The External Power Surge Suppressor provides adequate protection against exceptional electrical disturbances in the vehicle environment. It should be applied between the vehicle’s power source and the Cellocator unit. It is recommended to use it in vehicles where extreme electrical disturbances are expected.

External GNSS Antenna

Extension of the GNSS Antenna

The External GNSS Antenna is an active antenna which enables the extension of the GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) antenna range from the Cello unit’s installation point.

The antenna connects to the unit via a standard SMA connector and supports a magnetic mount as well as a patch mount.

Container Door Sensor

Door Opening Detection

The Cellocator Door Sensor is a massive and rugged device used to detect the opening of doors, especially in container/trailer applications. The Door Sensor can be used with any Cellocator device equipped with a digital input.

Power Harness

Nano Power Harness

Robust Connectivity to Power Source for the CelloTrack Nano Hub

The CelloTrack Nano Power Harness is intended for use as a robust connectivity to power source for the CelloTrack Nano hub, while also providing one dry contact outlet. The Power Harness is an add-on to the CelloTrack Nano family.

Garmin Integration

In-Car Satellite Navigation System

Garmin is an in-car satellite navigation system, enabling driver-side communication capabilities. Integrating its protocol with Cellocator’s units ensures high-end navigation and enhanced communication capabilities between fleet managers and their drivers.

MobilEye Integration

Collision Prevention Technology

Mobileye’s collision prevention technology tracks situations that could lead to accidents in real-time and uses visual and audio warnings to alert the driver. The integration of Mobileye with Cellocator’s devices enables the transmission of all safety events to the backend server, generating real-time alerts and sophisticated safety reports.

Automatic Passenger Counting – iris

Automatic Passenger Counting

The integration of iris sensor solutions for automatic passenger counting with Cellocator devices enables accurate passenger counting for the effective utilization of vehicles in public transit systems, along with advanced fleet management and fleet safety applications.