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Applications & Solutions

At Cellocator, we specialize in developing and manufacturing hardware and software to provide sophisticated, cost-effective, and reliable solutions for Fleet Management, Asset Management, and IoT application.

We can help you optimize fleet performance, enhance driver safety, allow efficient management of your asset and cargo, make wireless vehicle security possible, and more. Our leading-edge solutions and proven product reliability adhere to the strictest industry standards.

Fleet Management

Cellocator offers feature-rich hardware & software solutions for Fleet management, in addition to car and driver safety to meet the unique business and operation requirements of a wide range of applications.

Asset Tracking

Our solutions for the Asset management market enable advanced asset tracking and remote monitoring, featuring enhanced functionality, robustness, and ease of installation.

IoT Solutions

Real-time status monitoring of “things”, including location and a variety of critical operational sensing capabilities including temperature, humidity, light, pressure, impact, movement, tampering, and more.