Advanced Fleet Management Solution with Driver Behavior Monitoring


Cello-IQ is a driver behavior monitoring and eco-driving device, designed to reduce fleet operating costs, improve productivity and increase fleet safety.
The Cello-IQ processes and interprets vehicle dynamics and driving patterns into a safety score, which reflects the driver’s potential of involvement in a road accident, and an Eco score, indicating the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and emission footprint.

Scalability means Flexibility

Cello-IQ is available in three firmware variants, enabling easy and rapid OTA upgrade to an advanced version.

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Cello-IQ 30: Fleet management solution with various interfaces (I/Os), security capabilities and basic driver behavior (GPS-based).
Cello-IQ 40: All Cello-IQ30 features + Real-time on-board driver behavior capabilities (accelerometer-based).
Cello-IQ 50: All Cello-IQ40 features + Advanced driver behavior capabilities, including accident event logging, recording and reconstruction.


  • Emergency Data Recording (EDR) & Accident Recognition [Cello-IQ 50] - detects, logs, reports and uploads accident events and accident raw data for crash event reconstruction on the server side.
  • Driver Behavior Management (DBM) [Cello-IQ 40/50] - detects, processes, logs and reports a wide set of events and raw data related to hazardous or aggressive driving behavior. Providing the following scorings:

- Maneuver level safety score

-Trip level safety score

-Trip level eco-driving score

  • Eco Driving Management [Cello-IQ 40/50] - detects and reports events which feature uneconomical and environmentally unfriendly driving in terms of fuel consumption, emission and accelerated wear and tear.
  • Onboard Trip Level Scoring [Cello-IQ 40/50] - provides trip statistics information, including Eco scoring and Safety scoring based on the onboard information gathered and processed during a trip.
  • Proprietary eCall [Cello-IQ 40/50] - enables automatic dialing of a pre-defined emergency number in case of detected accident.
  • Real-Time Driver Feedback Display (DFD) [Cello-IQ 40/50] - provides continuous real-time, visual and/or audible (via human speech in various languages) feedback to the driver via a dedicated “Driver Feedback Display” (DFD), indicating to the driver the risk level of their driving
  • Accessories [Cello-IQ 30/40/50] - ability to connect to Cellocator’s accessories (communication, identification, sensors and application enablers) to suit a wide range of solutions.
  • BT Extender [Cello-IQ 30/40/50] - serves as Bluetooth dual mode gateway to RS232, supporting the wireless communication channels between the Cello-IQ device and other devices with BT/BLE capabilities:

-BT Classic - supports the Serial Port Profile (SPP), enabling the usage of any device supporting BT SPP, such as Smartphones and Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs).

-BLE mode - supports the communication channel between the Cello-IQ and the MultiSenses (additional logic was developed in the Cello-IQ to manage the MultiSense data)


Use Cases:

Fleet Operators
Improving driver behavior by using mentoring plans, thus increasing driver safety and operational efficiency, which consequently leads to significantly reduced costs.

Vehicle Insurers
To implement usage-based insurance (UBI) and "pay as you drive (PAYD)" plans.

Car Dealers
Improving customer retention by initiating periodic car maintenance services, while also providing crash detection support and an emergency call-out for customers involved in cases of accidents.

Public Transportation
Monitoring the driving behavior of employees driving public vehicles can have a considerable, positive impact on the organization by reducing costs (fuel, insurance, wear and tear), while enhancing the levels of operational efficiency and increasing passenger safety.

Car Rental / Car Sharing Companies
Effectively verify drivers by identifying who drives which car, while
real-time driver behavior feedback enables the rental company to
take immediate preventive actions if required.

Cold Chain Shipments
Assures the required environmental conditions (temperature,
humidity, etc.) are maintained during shipments of perishable goods
or pharmaceuticals, using the MultiSenses which communicate
with the Cello-IQ device over BLE. Drivers can receive real-time
updates of any breaches of pre-defined thresholds and take action
(such as reset the thermostat) to guarantee compliance with cold
chain shipment requirements.

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