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Utilities and Rented Assets

The remote monitoring of rented assets, such as storage containers, construction machines, generators, and chemical toilets, ensures you have real-time information on an asset’s location, displacement, operation hours, and more.

The logistics and maintenance of rented equipment is often challenging, primarily because rental companies have no information about how their rented equipment or assets are treated once they leave their premises and are handed over to the customer. From this point onward, the asset’s location is unknown and in cases where the asset was damaged, the rental company is often only aware of the damage when the asset is returned. This can force the rental company into keeping expensive inventory and paying hefty insurance premiums; as a result, they are often forced to increase service prices or reduce profit margins, which in turn, reduces the customer’s satisfaction and experience.

Our Utilities and Rented Assets Solution

The CelloTrack standalone device and CelloTrack Nano unit enable stakeholders to monitor the profile of their assets’ usage during the rental period, including location, damage, displacement, operation hours (by movement/vibrations), door status and other inventory management aspects to ensure adherence to contractual obligations.

The CelloTrack Nano device will generate an event that is communicated to the backend for every equipment displacement, damage or deviation from the defined operational conditions. Primarily, the device works by:

  • Using geo location – at the predefined geo-fence.
  • Indoor location – based on proximity distance.
  • Outdoor conditions – the device supports IP-67 certification.

Effective Management of Rented Equipment

Service providers in various rental verticals that specialize in equipment and assets for short term rental – such as storage containers, construction machines, electricity generators, trailers, caravans, chemical toilets, etc – need to know where their assets are, or at least know the current condition of their assets, in order to utilize them to their maximum.

Monitoring the Condition of Assets

Rental companies need tools to remotely monitor the condition of their assets, including the time of use and if the rented equipment was mishandled. This enables them to monitor how equipment is used and the adherence to contractual obligations. This also protects the renter from liability stemming from contractual abuse, violation and careless use of equipment.


  • Automated, real-time monitoring of operating hours
  • Remote, dynamic configuration of parameters
  • Delivery of performance reports according to contractual obligations
  • Alerts of any malfunctioning, such as overheating
  • Alerts if fuel levels reach a low threshold

Bottom Line

Real-time remote monitoring of rental equipment can reduce maintenance and operating costs, save inspection times and reduce damages, and in turn, increases your bottom line.