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Container Security

Container Security ensures the eliminating of theft and tampering attempts on containers, while continuously monitoring the container and cargo on its journey to ensure security and custom inspection requirements are fulfilled.

Large industrial companies that deliver valuable cargo in containers nationally and even internationally often encounter theft and tampering attempts, which can lead to significant financial losses. In addition to ensuring a valuable cargo actually reaches its destination intact, monitoring of the cargo’s journey is also required, from the point of origin to the point of delivery.

Effective management of your containers protects you against loss and ensures a smooth billing process. The challenge is finding a solution that is reliable and effective in conditions that include remote operations and no power sources for sensors and tracking devices.

Our Container Security Solution

The CelloTrack family of products stands out as the perfect fit for container tracking solutions, with its rechargeable long-life battery and remote activation and administration. CelloTrack units can be easily attached to any type of container, such as containers for shipping or cargo. Devices such as the CelloTrack can be covertly installed within the container itself, allowing the continuous tracking of the container and cargo and providing logistic and inventory information, including alerts when there is a deviation from the route.


  • Intelligent battery system ensures the solution can operate for up to 3 years.
  • Configurable security alerts, include notifications for movement and alerts when there is a deviation from the route.
  • Wide range of capabilities including tamper switches, and temperature and door sensors.
  • IP67 compliance.
  • Can be charged from any source, without removing the unit from the locker.
  • In-built accelerometer to detect movement at unauthorized times, as per the cargo delivery schedule, and with the ability to change the transmitting rate to preserve battery life.

Container Lock & Security Seal

The CelloTrack Container Lock unit can be installed on the outside of the container, and provides indication if the container has been opened during the supply chain. The unit is easily installed and removed at the appropriate time without having to open the container itself, thus ensuring the privacy of the cargo. The Container Lock enables the cargo owner to control and monitor its own cargo independently of the vehicle that actually transports it.

The CelloTrack Security Seal quickly installs into virtually any type of container and detects if the Lock is opened or tampered with, with alerts generated to inform those monitoring of any unauthorized intrusion attempts. It also helps monitor, control and log all door access events as part of a complete management solution.


The CelloTrack Container Lock was implemented in Africa as part of an ECTS – Electronic Cargo Tracking System (it became a legal requirement in the region to have all outbound trucks/vehicles, tankers and containers loaded with transit goods fitted with an ECTS device).

The primary role of ECTS is to enhance national security, but to also curb evasion of payment of duties and taxes, while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the supply chain. The “dumping” of goods is also drastically reduced as the goods are tracked from one border point to another, which is the main interest for the public sector (customs and tax authorities). The private sector (clearing agents, transport companies, importers and exporters) is more interested in the real-time information processing that enables information to be received and dealt with much faster and which also decongests the clearing process; in other words, just-in-time deliveries & cost-effective logistics.

Bottom Line

The CelloTrack product line ensures containers can be monitored throughout the supply chain without interfering with logistic operations, such as authorities’ inspections, transporting, and loading & unloading.