Cold Chain

Real-time tracking and monitoring of location, temperature, humidity and door status (open/closed) for controlled containers, trailers, pallets or boxes in the pharmaceutical or perishable goods markets.

The world of cold chain logistics is growing and is forecasted to continue growing globally as the world becomes an ever more open market, and with stricter regulations introduced – driven by the pharma-industry, regulatory bodies and the food industry – even greater supervision will be required.

On top of the usual issues associated with transporting goods, cold chain logistics also require the maintaining of temperature and/or humidity thresholds for each delivery. Not doing so, or not having the ability to prove that you’ve done so, can disqualify valuable shipments and leave you with unhappy customers, damaged goods and in breach of service agreements.

Therefore, companies handling temperature and humidity controlled shipments are seeking solutions to make their cold chain logistics “visible” to them and to their customers, while also complying with GDP (Good Distribution Practices) that regulates the pharma industry, and EN 12830 (European standards) for the transportation of deep frozen and quick-frozen food.

Our Cold Chain Solution

Cellocator provides a full spectrum of functionality to manage your cold chain logistics, ensuring adherence to the strictest protocols and regulations. With our range of solutions, you’ll be able to address issues in real-time, mitigating the risk and loss from disqualified transports. Moreover, advanced reporting capabilities prove to customers, partners, and regulators that all conditions have been maintained and met during every step of the distribution path.


Pharmaceutical companies who import, manufacture, store and transport high value goods and raw materials which are also temperature and humidity sensitive, can use the CelloTrack Nano and MultiSense devices to monitor cleanrooms and the goods in them. In addition, they can monitor each package separately at the warehouse and during transportation.

The real-time tracking and condition monitoring, combined with the alarms and alert mechanisms and insight analytics, all improve the logistics chain efficiency, security and confidence in the product quality supplied to every customer.

Food & Beverages (Fresh and Frozen)

The CelloTrack Nano and MultiSense devices offer major enhancements to the standard data loggers which are commonly used in the food and beverages industry. By adding location (GPS) and real- time monitoring capabilities to the standard offline loggers, each link in the logistics chain can take on-the-fly appropriate action when deviations from the set temperature or humidity thresholds occur, to prevent the goods from being compromised or spoiled.

When information throughout the logistics chain is transparent, the confidence in the logistics chain’s integrity increases, leading to an upturn in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and brand reputation.

Bottom Line

Effective monitoring of cold chain supply conditions is fast becoming mandatory to ensure the integrity and safety of food and pharmaceuticals shipments. Technology is a critical part of making it possible. Cellocator’s superior solution meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries to enhance the control and monitoring of goods in the warehouse and on the road, in turn ensuring a smarter and safer supply chain.