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Trailer Management

A custom solution for tracking, inspecting and protecting your connected trailers and their consignments.

Features the truck’s ability to identify temporary or uniquely connected trailers, enables fleet managers to easily and efficiently manage the fleet’s trucks and trailers along with the drivers.

Fleet owners today need complete visibility of their trailers to maximize their utilization, reduce operational costs, and improve delivery predictability. They require on-board equipment that can be adapted to the semi-trailer and that is suitable for extreme transportation constraints.
Smart trailer tracking solutions reduce costs and improve trailer-to-tractor ratios while increasing capacity and visibility.

Our Trailer Management Solution

The CelloTrack Power device provides the global visibility required to allow fleet managers to optimize utilization, improve preventative maintenance, and more. Using the CelloTrack device, fleet managers can receive alerts when the trailer doors are opened outside the set parameter thresholds, and receive real-time alerts on the trailer status, location, history, arrival/departure times, monitored asset temperature, and more. These capabilities help significantly improve operational efficiency.

Cargo monitoring capabilities:

  • Truck Status – monitors site arrival or departure time and the time spent at a specific site.
  • StandStill – monitors the semi-trailer while it’s disconnected from the truck, indicating the beginning and end date and time, the location and total duration time a vehicle was running but motionless.
  • Start/Stop – monitors the activity/inactivity period, how many kilometers were driven from start to stop, and the total time the vehicle was in operation.
  • Speed Alert – generates real-time alerts when vehicles/groups of vehicles exceed the preset speed parameter. This feature helps you maintain a good safety record by keeping you aware of how your trailers are being handled on the road.


  • Reduces the risk of theft.
  • Know where your trailers are at all times, to help improve scheduling and routing.
  • Automatically adjusts transmission rates as a function of external power availability & movement status.
  • Trailer tracking helps you eliminate equipment and driver downtime.
  • Trailer tracking allows maintenance personnel to easily find & service your resources.
  • Reduces trailer wear and maintenance costs.
  • Reduces Goods in Transit insurance premiums.
  • Increases security on precious or hazardous materials.
  • GPS positioning on the actual trailers.
  • Alerts if the trailer power is disconnected.

Bottom Line

Cellocator’s trailer management solutions enable you to track the location of your assets in real-time, view received alarms and maintenance reports, monitor asset temperatures, and more. In turn, this maximizes your trailer utilization, reduces operational costs and improves delivery predictability.