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Construction & Heavy Equipment

Real-time tracking and movement detection of stationary heavy equipment can effectively halt thefts in progress and greatly increase recovery rates of stolen equipment.

Despite not being readily movable, heavy equipment and machinery are still susceptible to theft.

Trucks, earth-movers, paving equipment, dumpsters, generators and machinery – often left for long periods on construction sites – are expensive to replace and, if stolen, can significantly interrupt progress on multi-million dollar projects: in turn, this can lead to severe financial consequences for many construction companies.

It’s clear that construction companies require tools that ensure their daily operations are more efficient and secure. They need to have continuous monitoring and complete transparency for every vehicle and piece of equipment, at all times.

Our Construction & Heavy Equipment Solution

Our CelloTrack products are robust, water, and dust resistant devices that can easily be deployed and concealed on all types of heavy equipment. The device immediately notifies when the equipment is moved and can provide its precise location to the stakeholder. The CelloTrack devices can easily be deployed on all types of heavy equipment and, thanks to the unit’s compact size, it can be easily concealed almost anywhere on the vehicle.

Companies utilizing our solution can greatly reduce any potential financial losses caused by the difficulty in tracking valuable equipment. The device supports tracking and location-based features, in addition to other control and maintenance capabilities, such as recording the time that the equipment was actually active.


  • Security – using geo-fence.
  • Working time – know when the equipment is actually active when the equipment is rented out.
  • Heavy duty – IP67 enclosure for outdoor durability and long operating life.
  • Fast and cost-effective installation for temporary contracts.

Bottom Line

Real-time tracking and movement detection of construction and heavy equipment can greatly increase the productivity and bottom-line of enterprises. The CelloTrack device enables just that by solving the often-difficult task of successfully tracking and remotely managing the location, usage profile and security aspects of construction and heavy equipment.