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Cargo Tracking

Cargo Tracking refers to the verification of defined shipment conditions for high-value goods – such as pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment, or consumer electronics – from manufacturer sites or distribution centers to their point of delivery.

Cargo Tracking is one of the most challenging tasks supply-chain companies face daily, mainly due to low visibility once the shipment has left its point of origin. Companies that ship valuable cargo often suffer from poor cargo management, and in particular theft and tampering attempts, which often lead to significant financial damages. In addition to insuring valuable cargo, monitoring of the cargo is required along the cargo’s journey, from the point of origin to the point of delivery, if these potential financial losses are to be avoided.

Our Cargo Tracking & Monitoring Solutions

Cellocator’s Cargo Tracking and monitoring solutions provide end-to-end “visibility” for your cargo, from the manufacturing site to the point of delivery. Your cargo will be completely monitored and traceable through the supply chain, including for air shipments and much longer in duration sea shipments.

Cellocator solutions provide real-time alerts if the goods are mishandled – for example, if they are unloaded at the wrong address, deviate from the planned route, or are opened unexpectedly.

Continuous recording and event-triggered logic help to improve efficiency by reducing supply chain mistakes and avoiding delays or damages. When an airborne shipment is part of the route and the CelloTrack Nano is used, all data is logged and transmitted upon landing.

Cargo Monitoring Capabilities:

During the shipment period, Cellocator solutions enable the following cargo monitoring capabilities:

  • Environmental conditions using sensors: temperature, humidity, light, orientation.
  • Long term operations with no maintenance.
  • Movement monitoring.
  • Crash detection.
  • Tampering indications.
  • Impact
  • Geo-fence alerts.
  • Off-line tracking mode: logging events where no cellular communication is available in order to transmit them as soon as communication is renewed.
  • Flight mode: automatic airplane mode which covers end-to-end airborne shipment scenarios. This includes shutting down RF transmissions after take-off and during the entire flight, logging all events internally and transmitting those events upon landing. Normal transmission mode is automatically renewed as soon as the airplane comes to a standstill (and to comply with FAA and IATA guidelines).

Bottom Line

Tracking and monitoring is an imperative component of profitable cargo shipments. Cellocator solutions ensure that profitability by providing real-time cargo and container location data, a chain of custody between supply chain logistics parties, intrusion and tampering detection, and real-time alarms and alerts.