Iot Solutions

When IoT Solutions Meet Logistics Challenges

Cargo Location, Chain of Custody and Condition Monitoring


IoT technology can be beneficial in a wide array of fields. Our solutions can help you increase efficiency and save money, impacting your bottom line faster by enabling processes that were previously out of reach.

The next generation of logistics solutions offer new and exciting features to provide every link in the logistics chain with the specific information required to validate the cargo ownership and cargo quality in the warehouse, yard and in transit.

Safety relates to both theft prevention and maintaining the correct storage or transportation conditions required to safeguard the quality of food or pharmaceutical products.

Increasing the cargo’s safety, while also ensuring transparency to the customer with real-time information, the gathering of insightful analytics, and the ability to generate relevant reports, all help reduce mishandling and financial losses while increasing the customer’s satisfaction and confidence in the logistics service provider.

We’ve developed a platform that provides a complete solution to generate data-driven insights from connected devices. With this platform you’ll be able to connect and monitor assets from virtually anywhere for almost any industry, including transportation, logistics, insurance, food & beverage, construction & mining, energy & utilities, retail, automotive, and agriculture.

Industry Solutions:


Cellocator partners with 3PL/4PL (Party Logistics) companies to provide them with real-time cargo visibility and condition monitoring, including analytics, history information and instant report generation capabilities. All the information, or any portion of it, can be easily shared with 3PL/4PL customers and shipment recipients.
Mission critical departments can now concentrate on preventing shipment errors instead of handling a crisis after it happens. Using advanced alarm and alert features, the relevant alarm or alert is sent to the right person in the logistics chain, according to the cargo location and condition in the field.
Cellocator’s solution can be used at sea, in the air, or during overland transportation.

Food & Beverages (Fresh and Frozen)

Cellocator’s CelloTrack Nano™ and MultiSense™ product line offers major enhancements to the standard data loggers which are heavily used in the food and beverages industry. By adding location (GPS) and real-time monitoring capabilities to the standard offline loggers, each link in the logistics chain can take appropriate action to prevent the goods from being compromised or spoiled.
When information throughout the logistics chain is transparent, the confidence in the logistics chain’s integrity increases, leading to increased customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and an enhanced brand reputation.


Cellocator also provides a superior solution that meets the pharmaceutical industry’s requirements to improve the control of goods in the warehouse and to operate a smarter and safer supply chain. Pharmaceutical companies who import, manufacture, store and transport high value goods and raw materials which are also temperature and humidity sensitive, can use Cellocator’s CelloTrack Nano™ and MultiSense™ product line to monitor the goods in cleanrooms, at package level in the warehouse, and during transportation.
The real-time visibility and condition monitoring, combined with alarm and alerts mechanisms and insight analytics, improve the logistics chain efficiency, security and confidence in the product’s quality supplied to every customer.

Heavy Vehicle Fleets

Our comprehensive fleet management system with driver identification, driver behavior and remote diagnostics capabilities has been Cellocator’s core business for over 2 decades. Adding asset management capabilities to the Cellocator portfolio enables our customers to proactively monitor and control critical environmental aspects in the most effective way. Fleet and logistics managers can remotely monitor and track mishandling of heavy duty vehicles in the field and react immediately when an emergency occurs, such as a heavy-duty vehicle that rolls over, or theft attempts. Our system also monitors the environmental condition of dangerous goods during transportation and on-site storage, sending out relevant information, alarms, alerts, etc.
Cellocator has partnered up with many manufacturers and commercial vehicle fleets and is involved with customer efforts in managing every aspect of the challenges faced with heavy vehicles to ensure the condition of vehicles and cargos throughout each and every project. Cellocator offers the best in hardware, communication, safety and diagnostics as well as cargo location and condition monitoring.

Cloud Service Providers

Cloud service providers which offer network services, infrastructure or business applications in the cloud can now offer their customers an efficient and economic infrastructure which includes state of the art hardware provided by Cellocator. By collaborating with Cellocator, cloud service providers can offer end-to-end heavy duty, reliable and scalable IIOT applications. The services can be purchased from the cloud service providers while the hardware can be purchased through the cloud service providers and supplied directly by Pointer.



2.4GHz short RF wireless communication

This is the most powerful and yet low energy data communication for IoT solutions. It is used for sending sensors’ data from the MultiSense devices to the cloud through the local CelloTrack Nano hub.


This is the most common, reliable, low-cost wireless communication, which enables the sending of event-driven notifications from the CelloTrack Nano hub to the cloud in real-time. These notifications include cargo condition, events upon condition violation, remote OTA firmware, and configuration updates.



Cellocator’s MultiSense devices are a range of sensors that can create a Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) and sense and monitor environmental conditions nearby, including temperature, relative humidity, light, relative pressure, impact, and orientation changes. They can also initiate events based on pre-defined thresholds.



The Cellocator hub (the CelloTrack Nano and Cello family) has two main functions; firstly, to collect data from the nearby sensors (the MultiSense devices) and send their data to the cloud together with their location (GNSS); secondly, to act as a standalone device to sense environmental conditions through its own internal sensors and send them to the cloud.

The hub communicates with the server via Cellular networks (2G, 3G) and acquires its location from GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).

Utilizing a hub solution with cellular, GPS and short RF wireless communication, the CelloTrack Nano portable hub – combined with its optional external wireless sensors (MultiSense devices) – connects statuses (from your business, home, vehicle, asset, cargo, sensitive goods, pharmaceuticals, and perishables) with the cloud, and from the cloud to a web-application, smartphone and tablet.

Capturing the status of almost any THING —humidity, temperature, altitude, location, noise-voice, light, movement — the solution then filters and analyzes the data into actionable insights and alerts for any exceptional behavior.

CelloTrack Nano



Firmware (Middleware)

Cellocator’s middleware simplifies the development of applications to leverage services from other applications. It allows programmers to create business applications without having to custom-craft integrations for each new application. Cellocator middleware programs also provide messaging services, enabling communications between different applications using messaging frameworks.

End-to-end solution

Cellocator can provide software as well as hardware to fulfill a complete turnkey solution. This solution includes the hardware, software, firmware, web panels, mobile apps, installation, integration, setup and training.

SDK (Software Development kit)

A set of tools used to develop mobile applications, which can communicate with the MultiSense devices and target a specific platform. SDKs include software tools, documentation and sample code that can help a programmer to develop the application.

API (Application Protocol Interface)

A low-level interface of the Cellocator protocol that allows software developers to build mobile applications that can communicate with MultiSense devices via the common 2.4GHz short RF wireless communication protocol.


Cellocator develops cutting-edge hardware and software solutions; as a result, we have the flexibility to perform product modifications (HW, FW or SW) and configure system parameters to answer special customer requirements based on specific use cases.


At Cellocator, we know that each customer may have unique needs and each project can require modifications. To meet those needs, we have a professional engineering team at your service ready to assist you in fitting the right solution to your requirements. Our team will assist you to win projects or tenders by providing you with various levels of support: solution definition, risk management, implementation, testing and training.