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Crane Rental

Real-time tracking and management of crane parts, including global visibility, giving crane rental companies control over their day-to-day monitoring of inventory.

Ever wonder how those giant cranes suddenly popup and start building your city’s next stunning tower block? Well, not surprisingly, there are many large and unique pieces that must come together perfectly.

Crane rental companies face tremendous challenges while needing to ship large, heavy parts from the warehouse to their customer’s site, and then back to their warehouse, in addition to managing inventory and monitoring parts while they’re rented out in various locations and harsh conditions.

Our Crane Rental Solution

Cellocator’s IoT solution enables automated inventory tracking and management, including real-time inventory status and global visibility, allowing crane rental companies to see what is happening with every crane part at any given moment, thus having control over their day-to-day monitoring of inventory.

Crane rental companies/operators use our unique asset tracking solution composed of the CelloSense unit with Cellocator’s line of asset products as a hub, to track the various components to ensure the puzzle can be completed. And all in real-time – you can see each and every crane across your city or state. Once the job is done, the crane gets disassembled and shipped back to the warehouse with every piece tracked.

Cellocator brings the logistics management of heavy-duty assets into the IoT age by enabling real-time awareness of a variety of objects and on-the-fly alert notifications, which in turn ensures global visibility.

Bottom Line

Having complete visibility of what is happening across your business at any given moment, while also effectively monitoring and efficiently managing it, can be super challenging. The CelloSense, as part of a smart sensor network, enables you to greatly enhance your supply chain management and reduce costs, especially within high impact environments.