2.4GHz short RF wireless communication
This is the most powerful and yet low energy data communication for IoT solutions. It is used for sending sensors’ data from the MultiSense/CelloSense devices to the cloud through the local hubs (Cellocator’s line of asset products) or integration with any other hub that supports BLE communication (smartphones, tablets, and OEM hubs).

This the most common, reliable, low-cost wireless communication, which enables the sending of event-driven notifications from the CelloTrack Nano hub to the cloud in real-time. These notifications include the asset’s condition, events upon condition violation, remote OTA firmware, and configuration updates.

Cellocator’s MultiSense/CelloSense devices are units with a wide range of sensors that can create a Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) and sense and monitor environmental conditions nearby, including temperature, relative humidity, light, relative pressure, impact, and orientation changes. They can also initiate events based on pre-defined thresholds.

The Cellocator hub has two main functions; first, to collect data from the nearby sensors (the MultiSense/CelloSense devices) and send their data to the cloud together with their location (GNSS); second, to act as a standalone device to sense environmental conditions through its own internal sensors and send them to the cloud.

The hub communicates with the server via Cellular networks and acquires its location from GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).

Utilizing a hub solution with cellular, GPS and short RF wireless communication, Cellocator’s hubs– combined with the optional external wireless sensors (MultiSense/CelloSense devices) – connects statuses (from your business, home, vehicle, asset, cargo, sensitive goods, pharmaceuticals, and perishables) with the cloud, and from the cloud to a web-application, smartphone and tablet.

Capturing the status of almost any THING —humidity, temperature, altitude, location, noise-voice, light, movement — the solution then filters and analyzes the data into actionable insights and alerts for any exceptional behavior.

Firmware (Middleware)
Cellocator’s middleware simplifies the development of applications to leverage services from other applications. It allows programmers to create business applications without having to custom-craft integrations for each new application. Cellocator middleware programs also provide messaging services, enabling communications between different applications using messaging frameworks.

End-to-end solution
Cellocator can provide software as well as hardware to fulfill a complete turnkey solution. This solution includes the hardware, software, firmware, web panels, mobile apps, installation, integration, setup, and training.

SDK (Software Development kit)
A set of tools used to develop mobile applications, which can communicate with the MultiSense/CelloSense devices and target a specific platform. SDKs include software tools, documentation and sample code that can help a programmer to develop the application.

API (Application Protocol Interface)
A low-level interface of the Cellocator protocol that allows software developers to build mobile applications that can communicate with MultiSense/CelloSense devices via the common 2.4GHz short RF wireless communication protocol.

Cellocator develops cutting-edge hardware and software solutions; as a result, we have the flexibility to perform product modifications (HW, FW or SW) and configure system parameters to answer special customer requirements based on specific use cases.

Cellocator prides itself on understanding our customer’s needs and building a solution that is tailored to the problem or issue. If you have a unique situation that requires something a bit more customized, please reach out to our team for help. We have found that in most situations we can leverage one of our existing devices and often resemble one of the hundreds of use case scenarios we have already tackled.