Gain complete visibility of your assets

With real-time tracking and movement detection

Construction equipment monitoring is all about robustness and reliability. Cellocator has raised the bar for asset visibility. The new CelloTrack 10Y all-purpose tracking solution is built for asset tracking that demands optimal efficiency, ultra-low maintenance, and long battery life. Gain complete visibility of your assets with real-time tracking and movement detection. Cellocator delivers the intelligence you need to stay connected to your assets and effectively halt thefts in progress, and significantly increase recovery rates of stolen equipment.

CelloTrack 10Y Colors



Know the equipment status 24-hours per day with on-demand and automatic requests


Receive alerts within minutes of an unauthorized movement of equipment


Installs in minutes and last years with long battery life


Easy to install throughout equipment and available in matched colors

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Intelligent Monitoring

The CelloTrack 10Y delivers critical asset visibility to eliminate theft attempts and improve recovery rates of stolen assets. The CelloTrack 10Y requires no connection to external power and is designed to provide extended years of maintenance-free performance. The ruggedized, low-profile enclosure can be installed in less than 10 minutes with no special tools or equipment.


  • Ultra-low maintenance with 10-year battery life.*
  • LTE with 3G fallback.
  • Dual-mode to maximize relevant info and battery life.
    • Daytime: On-demand position request (PING).
    • Nighttime: Motion detection alerts with automatic emergency tracking.
  • Daily device heartbeat and battery percentage alert.
  • On-demand, Emergency tracking with 5-minute GPS positions.
  • Geofence alerts and tamper detection.
  • Rugged housing with IP67 rating.
  • Fast deployment with a quick install.
  • LED indicator lights for install verification.
  • Color-matched to blend with equipment.
  • Includes full-featured Software as a Service (SaaS), to effectively manage your business operations and equipment pool.


CelloTrack 10Y

The New Standard for Construction Equipment Monitoring

CelloTrack 10Y Construction Cover

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