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Products – Asset Tracking

A Wide Array of Devices Created by Experts for Professionals
Cellocator Product portfolio includes a wide range of devices for Telematics and IoT, that can be used by service providers and integrators to provide sophisticated, cost-effective and reliable solutions for fleet management, vehicle security, driver behavior, fuel saving, asset & cargo tracking, transport & logistics, construction, lease & rental cars, public security, and more. Our experts specialize in developing and manufacturing products suiting the operational and business needs of professionals with product lines and production processes that adhere to the strictest quality standards.

CelloTrack Nano

Asset & Cargo Management IoT Solution Base d on a Smart Hub and Wireless Sensor Network

The CelloTrack Nano enables real-time monitoring of the location and condition of cargo, assets and goods, including specific alerts, using a smart portable hub with integrated sensing capabilities and a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) based on the MultiSense Devices.

MARKET: Asset Tracking, IoT


Advanced Asset Tracking and Remote Monitoring Solution

The CelloTrack product line is designed for advanced asset tracking and remote monitoring, featuring enhanced functionality with full fleet management capabilities, robustness and ease of installation.

MARKET: Asset Tracking

CelloTrack 10Y

Non-Rechargeable Asset Management Device with Longer Operational Lifetime & BLE connectivity

The CelloTrack 10y is a non-rechargeable asset management device, featuring 10 years of operation at one transmission per day, with no maintenance required.

MARKET: Asset Tracking

CelloTrack Solar

Robust Solar-Powered Asset Management Device

The CelloTrack Solar, with its highly rugged durable enclosure, is an ideal solution for containers, trailers, or assets in remote locations and harsh conditions where no other recharging facilities exist.

MARKET: Asset Tracking


Literal Visibility into Remote Assets

The FreightCam® combines a high-definition camera, image recognition processor, door sensor and ‘cargo-area’ environmental sensors for true freight visibility and condition. The camera allows your operations to obtain root cause analysis for claims, including location and visual proof.

MARKET: Asset Tracking


The CelloSense, as part of a smart sensor network, enables you to greatly enhance your supply chain management and reduce costs, especially within high impact environments.

The CelloSense is a smart, low maintenance monitoring device featuring extended range and a rugged IP69K enclosure for outdoor durability and long operating life in harsh conditions. It utilizes BLE technology to communicate with Cellocator’s line of asset products or any other hub that supports BLE communication (smartphones, tablets, and OEM hubs).

MARKET: Asset Tracking