Oil & Gas

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Extreme Conditions

Relevant products: Cello with special FW features

Energy work environments are often areas with valuable equipment and extreme weather conditions. For these types of environments CelloTrack, CelloTrack XT, or Cello-F can be used for tracking and monitoring of valuable equipment, setting geo fences for limiting access to certain areas within the work compound and more.

CelloTrack and CelloTrack XT both provide a similar set of tracking and asset management capabilities, whereas CelloTrack XT extends the range of temperatures in which the unit can operate to support an operating temperature range of-20℃ ~ 60℃ and charging of -10℃ ~ 60℃ (Degree Celsius). The CelloTrack XT and CelloTrack XT Power units are equipped with 4.4 AH battery which provides more than 14 months life cycle of one transmission per day.

Track Portable Equipment – Generators, etc.

Relevante Products: CelloTrack Family

Oil and gas companies often transport generators and other machinery between locations, exposing the expensive equipment to theft. CelloTrack units are constructed in a manner that allows secure and accurate tracking even in harsh outdoor climates and rough environments commonly associated with the energy industry.

Residential Gas & Utilities

Relevante Products: CelloTrack Family

CelloTrack units can be utilized for residential gas and utilities markets: One sample is a solution to ensure continued household gas service for residential buildings and private houses. National gas companies, which want to ensure that when gas containers are almost empty, the company service center receives an alert via the CelloTrack unit. This is done in order to avoid a situation when the gas level is too low and the gas freezes, causing gas supply to stop. The installation includes a CelloTrack unit, and a Pressostat (Pressure Switch) which measures gas pressure levels and alerts are sent when gas level pressure reaches a pre-defined low. In the management system the customer can define alert types and alerts to be sent to mobile phones as well.