Pointer Telocation Announces Win of Israeli Governmental Bid to Monitor Driver Behavior in Governmental Vehicles

Pointer Telocation Ltd. PNTR – a leading developer, manufacturer and operator of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and roadside assistance services for the automotive industry, announced that the Pointer IQ System was selected, by the Office of the Accountant General of the Ministry of Finance, to monitor driver behavior in up to 2,800 Israeli governmental vehicles. This win is the culmination of a competitive bidding process which included a pilot program.

The Pointer IQ System monitors driving behavior and interprets vehicle dynamics and vehicle operation patterns and then calculates safety and ECO scores (relating to uneconomic and environment-unfriendly driving in terms of fuel consumption, emission and accelerated wear and tear), providing a driving profile for each driver.

The Pointer IQ System includes an On-Board trip processing device designed to improve fleet safety and reduce fleet operation costs. The device is one of a few systems in the market providing fleet safety and ECO driving solutions. The system can identify each driver by a driver tag which enables the differentiation among multiple drivers using the same vehicle. The system provides on line reports to the control center including driver identity, driving time, route, speed as well as potential risky and uneconomic behaviors.


David Mahlab, Pointer’s CEO said: “We are happy to win this bid which illustrates a high degree of confidence by the Israeli Government in the Pointer IQ System. The Pointer IQ System is one of a number of new technologies developed and launched by Pointer. To date, we have delivered several thousand IQ System devices, mainly for pilot programs in a number of countries and we expect these deliveries to lead to increased commercial sales in the coming year,” concluded Mr. Mahlab.