Car Sharing

Identifying who drives which car, while simultaneously receiving real-time driver behavior alerts, enables the car sharing company to take immediate preventive actions if required.

Car Sharing services can be provided either by urban service providers directly to the consumer, or by enterprises that share cars with their employees. Urban Car Sharing service providers typically have a number of cars spread across reserved parking spaces in urban areas. Customers can reserve and access those vehicles; the vehicle can be taken for as little as a few hours only, or up to a few days. The vehicle can be reserved in advance (through the service website or a service call) or in “off-the-street”. When they are finished, and the user has returned the car to its reserved parking space, the reservation is terminated.

Our Car Sharing Solution

Cellocator’s Car Sharing solution is designed to provide fast and convenient access to temporary car usage for individual and business customers. The solution enables the usage of cars on an hourly or daily basis by retrieving the car from designated parking spaces. Users of the service can unlock a car by simply presenting their proximity reader to a reader installed on the windshield. When the user finishes using the car, they can return it to any designated parking space.

Fleet Management and Car Sharing Capabilities

The Cello-CANiQ unit supports a special immobilization algorithm designed for Car Sharing applications which provide both user convenience and a sufficient security level.

  • Vehicle entry management – utilizing an RFID reader mounted on the front windshield, the unit locks/unlocks the vehicle when members with an active reservation present their proximity card to the reader. All of this information, together with the vehicle odometer, is sent to the Car Sharing online management system, which processes the trip cost according to the operator’s specifications.
  • No-communication functionality – the unit can identify customers and function in areas with no cellular communication (underground parking or remote areas).
  • Self-service – the unit can be used for both pre-ordered reservations, and spontaneous reservations.
  • Master key-cards – the unit can work with master key-cards for operational staff and for maintenance purposes.
  • Driving behavior – the unit can provide driving behavior alerts in real-time including speeding, idling, sudden acceleration/deceleration alerts, sudden directional changes (sharp/dangerous turning).
  • Real-time tracking/alerts/commands – the unit provides real-time information on vehicle status and location. It can also receive commands from the management system to”remote control” the vehicle (low battery alerts, fuel status, door status, lock/unlock door commands, activate/disable immobilizer command, etc.).

Security Functionality

  • Covert installation – small-sized unit allowing covert installation inside the vehicle, thus avoiding discovery and tampering.
  • Real-time tracking – in the event of a security issue, the unit can provide real-time tracking and up-to-date status reports.
  • Security alerts – the unit can be programmed to supply security alerts, for example, GPS disconnected from unit /main power disconnected from unit; Ignition status; Immobilization status, and more.
  • Geo-fencing – an alert is triggered in case the vehicle violates a designated perimeter or enters a predefined prohibited zone.
  • Backup battery – optional backup battery, which enables status and location reports even if the unit has been disconnected.
  • Log memory – when cellular coverage is unreliable or absent, the unit’s non-volatile memory can store time-stamped events.
  • Driver authentication – the unit is aware of its reservation status, and can provide alerts in the case of unauthorized usage.
  • Voice kit – allows the Car Sharing operator to call users inside the vehicle, and for users to call out using a Call button.
  • GDPR compliance – all Cellocator devices are compliant with GDPR regulations, to adhere to the requirements of most backend/cloud servers.

Bottom Line

Utilizing cellular communications, together with advanced GNSS technology, Cellocator’s Cello-CANiQ unit ensures cost-effective and reliable communications to an online Car Sharing reservation and management system. Through the management system, the unit provides a variety of services for managing reservations, live vehicle tracking, event driven reporting, logging, and security capabilities.