Cellocator and Covid-19 Pandemic

To Our Valued Customers:

Given the unknown variables surrounding the latest coronavirus outbreak, we felt it is important to provide you an update regarding what steps Powerfleet is taking to ensure the continuity of the services we provide your operations.

First, our executive management team has been holding regular meetings on COVID-19, and we have been closely monitoring the progress of the outbreak. Our primary focus is on the health and safety of our employees, while also ensuring our customers have business continuity during this extraordinary time.

Please know that our business and technology are resilient by nature. Our reporting and analytic engines that support your business operations are backed by our professional and distributed workforce, incredibly high up-times, and state of the art supporting technology. Our system and teams employ robust working procedures enabling continuous production and well-defined backup plans. In addition, we have ample inventory to supply customers for several quarters with our units.

We are focused on serving you, our customers, in any way possible during this time of uncertainty. Please let us know if we can assist your operations with specific reports or reporting analytics regarding your assets that you manage across the globe. Our team is on hand to assist your firm as we continue to help you support the world’s supply chain.

The Cellocator by Powerfleet Leadership Team