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CR-300 as Part of the Lubinski Group Connected Car Solution

The Lubinski Group Founded in 1936 by Mr. David Lubinski, as an agent of Peugeot, the company is today one of the leading privately owned car import companies in Israel. The vast expertise and experience of the local automotive market accumulated since the company’s inception, is constantly enhanced and upgraded via investments in new technologies and ongoing training programs for the professional work force. Although the company has evolved into a diversified group, car import and distribution remains its core business, together with repair services and spare parts sales.

“The Lubinski Group sees itself as a pioneer in providing advanced connected-car and value-added services to its customers. We chose Pointer for its technological excellence, and its ability to provide, together with us, a broad and comprehensive solution and service for the benefit of our customers. I expect to see strong demand for this solution and I am happy to cooperate with Pointer as our technology partner.”

“Our connected car activity enables distributors to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the car distributor and customers, well beyond the initial sale. It provides added value to both the consumer and the car distributor. We see strong potential in this market and expect to establish similar relationships with other leading car distributors in Israel and abroad.”

The Challenge

The Lubinski Group – the sole importer to Israel of Peugeot, Citroen, DS and MG vehicles wanted to develop a connected car solution as an aftermarket OEM that will maintain and strengthen the relationship between them and their customers, beyond the initial sale. They were aiming for a software platform that will provide driver services, enabling better, safer and more productive driving experience. Including location-based services, vehicle information and generic applications.

The Solution

CR-300™  – Cost-Effective Fleet and Security Management Solution& Pointer’s Software Platform

The Lubinski Group partnered with Pointer Telocation to supply an aftermarket OEM connected car solution. The connected car solution is based on an Android infotainment solution, backed with Pointer’s added-value services, using a hardware telematics unit (CR-300) to provide location information and vehicle security. The solution includes a screen in the car and a mobile app.

The connected car solution provides services such as:

  • Internet
  • Radio
  • A library of approved applications (Waze, music etc.)
  • Location-based services
  • Navigation
  • Accident detection
  • Real time support,
  • Parking,
  • Round-the-clock access to service
  • An emergency control room
  • Car maintenance and reservation
  • Push notifications as well as access to distributor promotions.

The CR-300B is Cellocator’s entry-level unit for fleet management and vehicle security applications, available in 2G /3G modem variants. The CR300B is equipped with a rechargeable backup battery (1000mAh) and GSM jamming detection algorithms for improved compliance with vehicle security applications. In addition, it is compatible with a variety of accessories which enable a wide range of applications such as fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, identification and more.