Driver Identification

Dallas Keys

Dallas Keys are coded keys with matching receiver that enable immobilizations and driver-recognition applications for both security and fleet services.
Additional keys enable multiple drivers.


Dallas Reader with LED and push button

The Driver Status Reporter provides driver identification and driver status reports on special events such as private usage of a vehicle. The product contains a Dallas reader, a push button and a LED. The Dallas reader is used for the Driver ID report, the push button is used for special event reports and the LED is used as a status indication controlled by the Cellocator unit.

Cellocator Keypad

The keypad is used for driver authentication, offering an additional authentication method besides the Dallas key. The driver enters his drive ID using the keyboard transmitting it to the Dallas input of the Cellocator unit.


Cellocator Proximity Reader

The Cellocator proximity reader supports contactless cards or tags based on EMarine 4102 technology. The reader identifies the card or tag information and sends it to the Cellocator unit via the Dallas interface. The reader indicates its power-on process and receiving valid/invalid tag information via a built in buzzer.

The unit handles the card information the same way as it handles the Dallas key information and thus all the Driver-ID functionality is available also for the proximity reader. The device can replace the Dallas key, offering modern wireless technology.

Using popular EMarine 4102 wireless technology allows usage of variety of off-the-shelf contactless cards and tags. Wireless Driver ID offers using the same card for accessing the office and the car. Cellocator provides proximity readers, cards and tags. The cards can be provided with customer logo or branded image.

Distress Button

A distress button in the vehicle increases driver safety, allowing the driver to alert the fleet manager when needed.

Trailer ID

Trailer ID is a compact device for monitoring trailer location and connectivity. Fleet managers can easily monitor which trailer is connected to where within the fleet or whether a trailer is not connected.

Immobilizer Relay

12V 40/30A relay supports immobilizing and general purpose applications.



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