Application Enablers

Cellocator's application enablers provide connectivity to expand your solution with external applications, which enable you to a wider range of solutions.

BT Extender

Products: Cello-IQ, Cello-CANiQ BT Extender serves as a Bluetooth dual mode converter bt-extenderto RS232, supporting the wireless communication channels between the Cello-IQ device and other devices with BT/BLE capabilities:

• BT Classic – supports the Serial Port Profile (SPP), enabling the usage of any device supporting BT SPP, such as smartphones and Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs).
• BLE Mode – supports the communication channel between the Cello family and Cellocator’s MultiSense devices, which include a range of internal embedded sensors that create a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and sense temperature, relative humidity (MultiSense TH), light, freefall, impact, movement, orientation change, door status, and more.

Garmin Integration

Garmin integration delivers high-end navigation and enhanced communication capabilities between fleet managers and their drivers. Using the capabilities of the Cellocator™ location tracking devices and vehicle location systems, a control center can send a text message to the vehicle with the integrated system

Garmin_200x146 , Location Tracking Devices , Vehicle Location Systemsrelaying the message to the screen of the Garmin device. It also allows Instant re-routing using “new destination” message prompts.

The communication features also allow for enhanced navigation assistance and control, such as, real-time

location of vehicles, alerts to the fleet manager when the vehicle has arrived at a requested stop and when the driver has set off for the next destination.
Click here to download Pointer Systems Integration with Garmin Document

Cellocator™ Handsfree

The Cellocator™ Handsfree module allows the driver to communicate with assistance representatives and Control Center (CC) operators, offering full duplex voice connectivity via microphone and speaker, as well as volume control via push button.
The driver/user can initiate, answer and disconnect calls via a service button. The driver can also initiate a service call or a panic call to a predefined number (control center) using the panic button. The Handsfree module also supports silent cabin monitoring in which the CC can listen in while the speaker is muted. A LED indicator indicates the status of the call. The Cellocator unit may be programmed to answer automatically.

 Cellocator MDT

A robust and ergonomic Mobile Data Terminal for pure text messaging applications, commonly used for communicating with the central office or dispatch center. Cellocator MDT utilizes Garmin protocol, offering operators which have already integrated Garmin protocol flawless communication and storing of messages on communication interrupts. Cellocator MDT comes with a 5.5” Monochrome LCD display with adjustable LED backlight.