Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor enables temperature measurement applications for preventing losses especially in refrigerated Container Tracking for the Chilled Supply Chain Industry and other temperature sensitive assets. It connects to the analogue input of Cellocator units.

CTR-Cellocator Temperature Recorder

The Cellocator Temperature/Humidity Recorder (CTR / CTHR) supports up to 4 channels for temperature sensors, temperature and humidity sensors and events (switches) sensors. The Cellocator Temperature Recorder (CTR) enables you to record, save, and print up to 16,200 readings at predefined intervals. The CTR sends the recorded data to the control center application via the Cellocator unit.

The CTR sends the measured data via its RS232 port and through the CTR communication cable to the Cellocator unit RS232 interface. The Cellocator unit transfers the information via the cellular network to the CC application. The unit guarantees no information loss even when cellular communication is lost for long periods.


Container Door Sensor

A robust Magnetic Door sensor is connected to the CelloTrack digital input, and used to detect door opening in container / trailer applications. The container door sensor is an additional accessory intended to expand the CelloTrack family and the solutions offering for the asset tracking market.

Fuel Level Sensor

As fuel costs are rising globally, fuel sensors allow the incorporation of fuel monitoring services. This fuel level sensor can be fitted to all kinds of vehicles, supports remote calibration and works with an analogue input. The sensor smoothes the “jumps” created by the fuel movement in the tank. Typical applications include theft prevention.

Fuel Cap Sensor

The Fuel Cap Protector decreases the possibility of fuel theft by reporting on fuel cap openings. The product, which is connected to a Cellocator unit digital input, detects fuel cap access and sends a signal to the Cellocator unit. The Cellocator unit reports to the Control Center by sending an appropriate event. The Fuel Cap Protector is designed to be mounted on the tank lid neck, disabling access to the fuel cap when closed and allowing free access to the fuel cap when open.

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