Driver identification and GSM jamming detection algorithms are used to ensure stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and compliance with vehicle security applications.

Security is an intrinsic component for every fleet and private application, whether it includes physical elements in interaction with the driver or not; it helps instill peace of mind for both the driver and the fleet manager.

At Cellocator, we have developed a wide variety of security applications suitable for direct interaction with the driver and/or alerting the fleet manager/control center.

Among the relevant main use cases we cover:

Fleet and Private Applications

  • Distress button (panic button) – enables an alerting mechanism for emergency situations (accident, hijacking, theft attempt, and others). The control center and/or the fleet manager can be alerted of an irregularity and react accordingly by contacting the driver.
  • Hands-free – Cellocator Handsfree is used by the driver for bidirectional communication with the control center or fleet manager. It can also be used to initiate emergency calls in dangerous situations and automatic calls in case of an accident. There is also an eavesdropping function if a hijacking is confirmed.
  • Immobilizer (Dallas Key, 1-wire Proximity Reader, Cellocator Keypad) – the vehicle cannot be started if a code or a proximity card unblocks the vehicle. This is used to prevent unauthorized use of a vehicle and theft attempts.
  • Vehicle theft – if theft occurs (for both private and/or fleet vehicles), it is possible to locate the vehicle and stop it in a safe way to prevent an accident. Once the vehicle stops it can be recovered with the help of the local police (SVR).
  • Geo-fences – different types of alerts can be generated if a vehicle leaves a certain geo-fence without authorization.
  • Movement detection – special algorithms can alert if a vehicle (or motorcycle) moves at a specific time it was not supposed to move. This can be relevant for towing events, motorcycle theft, and more.

Fleet Application Transporting Assets

  • Logistics and transportation Security - Cellocator’s Cello-IQ and Cello-CANiQ can receive information from external wireless sensors (MultiSense). This is achieved with the help of a BT adaptor (BT Extender). If a fleet vehicle is transporting valuable elements subject to theft, the MultiSense sensors can be attached to elements such us boxes or pallets and if the sensor's transmission is not detected, alerts can be generated.


Security is necessary to ensure improved fleet operations, as well as for private use. Cellocator offers technological means to assist the fleet manager and driver, who, while focused on their day-to-day operations, can now respond quickly & efficiently to unexpected events.