Hybrid Network (PointerCept)

Our innovative hybrid system, based on a single unit combining Cellular and Radio Frequency (RF) technology, was developed for improved security, theft prevention and recovery of vehicles, assets and cargo.

Who needs PointerCept?

PointerCept is a system created for Telematics Service Providers (TSPs) to help fleet operators prevent theft of valuable assets and cargo, in addition to Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR).
In some regions in the world, theft is one of the main issues that fleets face. Nowadays, the implementation of telematics systems is very popular, and even mandatory in some countries.
Thieves are aware of how telematics systems work and are always trying to find new methods to hack them; these telematics systems mostly work with cellular networks, and when a jammer is activated, the devices are not able to send any alert to the control center and/or the fleet manager, and the theft is executed.

How does PointerCept work?

PointerCept utilizes dual mode communication technology, including cellular communications, across 2G/3G networks and a backup, one-way Radio Frequency (RF) beacon communication. The hybrid telematics end unit installed in the vehicle or on any mobile asset continuously communicates via cellular networks.

If the device is not able to communicate with cellular networks, it starts to operate a periodic RF-beacon status transmission, while checking from time to time whether cellular communication can be reestablished. The periodic RF transmission can be received by a network of fixed and/or mobile receivers, spread throughout the area of coverage and connected to the control center in order to alert in these types of situations.

PointerCept receivers can be installed fixed in specific places – a tall building for example – and can be also installed inside vehicles of the same fleet that are in the same city area. There are also components developed to chase and recover the vehicle in the last mile with the help of the mobile receiver and an app that guides the user in locating the stolen vehicle.

PointerCept Applications

Besides the hybrid end units installed in the vehicles or mobile assets, a network of receivers (fixed or mobile) that can cover a specific area, a road or a city must also be deployed.

Using the PointerCept applications, we can:

  1. Secure an entire city.
  2. Secure a country’s borders to prevent vehicle theft.
  3. Secure specific areas of a city with higher indexes of theft attempts.
  4. Secure specific intercity roads where high numbers of theft events occur – creating safe corridors.


PointerCept is a game changer for theft prevention of assets and cargo, and Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR). By implementing the PointerCept system in high risk areas, the TSP creates a unique value proposition for its customers, both private users and fleets, while including a powerful differentiatior to stand out from the competition.

And best of all - there is no need to install several devices and connect them to different networks. PointerCept utilizes one single hybrid end unit which minimizes costs, optimizes operations and dramatically increases security.