Transport & Logistics

Catering to the business needs of busy fleet managers as well as companies delivering valuable cargo worldwide, Cellocator offers these solutions:


Relevant products: Cellotrack family, Container door sensor

Container Tracking

Valuable assets and freight often travel worldwide for long periods of time. CelloTrack Family units with their rechargeable long life battery and remote activation and administration capabilities are a perfect fit for container tracking and cargo tracking. A unit can be easily attached to any type of container, offering a continuous monitoring of the cargo whereabouts, eliminating the need for a fixed power source. Among the customers using CelloTrack for container tracking include a Postal Authority in a Scandinavian country and a large international courier operation in Central Europe.



Relevant products: Cellotrack Container Lock, Cellotrack Container

Large industrial companies that deliver valuable cargo using containers, often encounter theft and tampering attempts, leading to significant financial damages. In addition to insuring valuable cargo, monitoring is required along the cargo’s journey, from the point of origin, such as the port, along the route, and to the point of delivery, the warehouse. CelloTrack Container can be covertly installed inside the container, allowing a continuous tracking of the container. Cellocator Container Lock, installed on the outside, can be installed and removed from a container within approximately a minute, eliminating the need to open the container.


Relevant products: Fuel sensor, Cello-FamilyFuel Cap Protector

The rising costs of fuel incur high expenses for fleet owners and large companies. Cellocator offers a variety of solutions to ensure effective usage of fuel, utilizing the fuel sensor and fuel cap for reporting fuel levels and preventing fuel theft. In addition the Cello-IQ to monitor and alert on wasteful vehicle usage and driving patterns


Relevant products: Temperatursensor, CTR

These applications are specifically important for the Chilled goods industry and Pharmaceutics. Solutions are designed to monitor temperature range according to predefined values and alert both the driver and central office, so that immediate action can be taken. Leading European food and medical supplies delivery companies, ensuring high quality delivery of food and medical supplies, successfully use these applications.


Large fleets, specifically delivery fleets working in urban areas, often face heavy charges due to parking tickets. One of our partners has designed a solution, which connects to an online parking application, and together with a CelloTrack unit determines the vehicle location. Once the delivery vehicle is parked and ignition is off in these designated cities, the parking payment is initiated. When the vehicle leaves the parking spot, the application turns off the parking indication. This application significantly reduces the parking fines paid by the company.

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