Public Security


Öffentliche Sicherheit

One of the most renowned Cellocator applications in the area of vehicle security was applied during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, when over 4500 public vehicles, including police cars, ambulances, fire engines, port authority vehicles and VIP cars, were protected and safeguarded utilizing Cellocator’s Compact Olympic. With security threats ranging from petty car theft to terrorist attacks, it was imperative that the precise location of each and every one of those vehicles was known at all times. The Greek Ministry of Defense has contracted Wackenhut Telematix, a member of the Group 4 Falck global security giant for this complex and highly responsible task. They have in turn selected Cellocator’s AVL and fleet management equipment to be fitted in over 4500 vehicles for the Olympic Games.


Relevante Products:  CelloTrack 6M FamilyCR 300

Our CelloTrack units, well as the CR 200 unit for large deployments, can serve as an eye in the sky and an eye on the ground, assisting Fire Forces during emergency and in routine work. Fire trucks are equipped with CelloTrack units, for effective and fast deployment of the trucks according to event priorities and types of fire. Upon arrival at the scene, each truck can send back to dispatch center an automatic confirmation on its arrival. For the fire fighters themselves, a mini tracker can be fitted, for enhancing their safety. Additional tracking units (CelloTrack 6M Family) can be used for temporary installations when assisting forces join the fire department