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Relevant Products: CR300 Cellotrack Lighter

Rental companies are plagued by delinquent renters who fail to return vehicles on time, or return them to incorrect locations. The commercial implications, resulting from the unavailability of vehicles, are a major factor in lost revenues. Rental companies must know where their vehicles are – in real-time – in order to significantly reduce loss and improve the speed of vehicle recovery. In addition, theft of rental cars and trucks has become another acute source of lost revenues. Cellotrack Lighter, easily placed in any vehicle, transmits constant location and status information to the control center at pre-defined time intervals and distance intervals. The precise location of a vehicle can be tracked on the system’s Web-based application. This facilitates considerable time saving when locating vehicles for pickup and return.


Relevante Products: Cello-IQ,  CR300

Damage incurred to rental and leased cars is often a result of wasteful driving patterns, leading to significant expenditures on vehicle maintenance as well as fuel expenses. Cello-IQ detects and sends reports on vehicle state (engine status, Idling / Movement), driver behavior, in the form of predefined set of events and raw data of hazardous driving (“safety” features), accident events and accident raw data (“EDR” features) for later reconstruction, wasteful driving in terms of fuel consumption and accelerated damage to vehicle’s subsystems (eco driving), and more.

The system is installed inside the vehicle and can send not only OTA events and raw data of the event to the server side but also online feedback to the driver through audible and visible indications. Such feedback triggers the driver to improve his driving behavior immediately and his driving skills over time.