Power Harness

Nano Power Harness

Robust Connectivity to Power Source for the CelloTrack Nano Hub

The CelloTrack Nano Power Harness is intended for use as a robust connectivity to power source for the CelloTrack Nano hub, while also providing one dry contact outlet. The Power Harness is an add-on to the CelloTrack Nano family, ensuring its compatibility with existing models and part numbers belonging to the CelloTrack Nano family.

  • Uses the existing Nano cradle, together with the Nano Power Harness accessory.
  • Easy and intuitive to install.
  • Low cost solution.
  • Input: 6-32V (meaning voltage from a variety of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to
  • Output: 5V.
  • IP66 compliant
  • Harness length: 130cm
Operation voltage range: Input: 6-32V (from motorcycles to trucks)
Output: 5V
IP: IP66 – Self declaration
Operating temperature range: -20°C to +60°C full performance (based on Nano spec)
Storage temperature range: -40°C to +85°C (based on Nano Nano spec)
Certifications: ISO 7637 comply (E-mark)
EN60950 comply (Safety)
Cable length: 30 cm between the board to the microUSB connector
90 cm from the board to contactless cable
Connector type: Micro-USB
CelloTrack Nano

The CelloTrack Nano device enables real-time as well as offline monitoring of the location and condition of cargo, assets and goods, including specific alerts related to issues and delays, using its internal sensors and the capability to track a wide area of remote wireless sensors (MultiSenses) around it.

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